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Some helpful rat info!

If you are new to rat ownership the following tips will be quite handy! 

 1: If you are planning on getting a rat consider getting them in pairs they are very social creatures and love a another ratty for company! Especially if you do not have much time to spend with your rats.
 2:Now if you are thinking of getting a rat or two you would be thinking of rat cages for your rats! now you have two choices with this. The first choice is buying a store made cage. These are very expensive and are nearly always made with wire walls and floors most people would think the wire is not a problem but wire floors can give rats sores and even infections on their feet! so be careful and choose wisely!

 Now the second option is to make a homemade cage which i think is the better alternative because you get to choose the size and the things you use to make it with. It can also be very fun because you can be very creative! This option is what I have done myself and i highly suggest that you do this both for the benefit of your rats and you! but materials for your cage can be expensive as well! 

 3:Rat toys are another thing to think about because rats love playing and are very active. [mostly at night] so some good rat toys would be:Cat toys that DO NOT contain catnip, Pieces of cut PVC pipe they love to run through and slide down and hide in and the good thing about PVC is you can be very creative!, Rat running wheels are also a good suggestion because they burn off rats energy and rats will run for ages if they feel like it and it can be quite amusing seeing your rat running on the wheel,Rocks they love to climb on pee on wrestle on and sleep on try putting a different sized and shaped rock to put in every time you clean out there cage! or every week or two. Hope these tips helped!

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